Friday, 26 July 2013

Letterpress workshop


The students from Book Arts decided to start a discussion group called Ideas Forum, shortened to IF...

IF… is an open access group for prompting conversation, review and comment.
IF… is a platform for exploring suggestions from invited artists, curators, publishers, writers and others.
Suggestions can be references, texts or artworks.
There is more information about IF...  here.

MA Book Arts & Printmaking show 2012

Estelle Dolexplo was studying with us for a term on an Erasmus from France and she had the idea of creating a show for any of the MA students at Camberwell who were interested as a way of getting to know each others work. We installed the show in our studio space, it was mainly Book Arts and Printmaking students.


This was my final piece for the structures project.  Having made altered books,  I stared to play with some of my photographs from the Judith Scott exhibition, I was lucky that I had been allowed to take photographs, so many galleries do not allow photography. In the end I chose a photograph of an old piece of distressed wallpaper in the Selfridges hotel and played with words that evoked Scott's sculptures. I created a grid with the idea of making a book but in the end kept the format as a 2d image.

Structures crit with Les Bicknell

This was our crit with the part-time and full time students, there was a really diverse response to the brief and it was interesting to see the other students work.  Our tutor for this project was Les Bicknell.

Altering Books

For one of our first projects we were asked to produce book structures relating to a particular place and time.  I chose to focus on the Judith Scott exhibit. I started altering books with thread, embroidering and wrapping them.  I studied tapestry weaving a few years ago with William Jefferies at Morley College, which informed some of my ideas for this project.

Vassall Road

This was a short film I made on the bus journey to college, the nature of studying part-time means that your time for creating is very precious and you become more observant about the minutiae of life, the every day takes on a new significance.